I like to make stuff and always have new ideas. These are samples of some personal projects I have worked on, or am currently working on.

Defend the DarknessWIP

The land of Dannistir is invaded by the forces of neighbouring Vallaken. You must use mystical, primal, and supernatural powers to stop their campaign.

Defend the Darkness is my largest ongoing project. It started out as a way to learn coding and 'get something finished quickly', but has transformed into something much bigger that has helped me become a better artist, programmer, and hopefully, story teller.

DtD is a tower defense game where you play as a defender in an almost hallowe'en themed world. Your allies include werewolves, geists, alchemists, elemental spirits, and more. The game's antagonists are the dominant faction from Vallaken intent on destroying everything they believe opposes them.

Seven Star SagaWIP

Seven Star Saga is a mod for the Ragnarok Online emulator rAthena. The project's goal is to make an MMORPG version of the Super Nintendo game Super Mario RPG.

Players will be able to play through the story with each other in typical MMORPG fashion. Play as Star Warriors that take on the shape and abilites of various SMRPG enemies like Spikeys, Reapers, and ShyGuys.

Ogre Battle 64 Character Editor

Character editor for the N64 game Ogre Battle 64 made in Unity as a learning project. The purpose of this project was to get better at script management (using fewer scripts), UI design, and getting introduced to optimization.

I also wanted an easy way of editing characters when I started a new game.

Ragnarok Online Boss Timer

Another learning project/tool, this app tracks the respawn times of various bosses in the MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Made in Unity, this was created when the Unity 4.6 update added the canvas tool, as a way to learn how it worked. It was also my intoduction to creating Editor tools and concepts like ScriptableObjects.

After a few revisions it was released to a small community of players.